Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cardboard Cat House

Haven't been updating in a while, but I've been making lots of things and crafting my time away since bar exams ended, so I'll be posting quite a bit on the different craft projects.

So one day I decided to search for "cardboard cat house" on Pinterest, and so many amazing houses came out and I spent an entire afternoon marveling over them and deciding how my cat's house would look like.

The final product:
A double-storey floral cardboard house complete with a fake picket fence

So Dad came home with a couple of new cardboard boxes one day because he knew I wanted them :') Mum and I got to work designing the cat house, from figuring out which boxes to use, to how to make it two-storey, to reinforcing the floorboard for the upper level, and where to place the door and windows etc. For those who are interested, Martha Stewart actually has instructions and templates for the door and windows, which I printed, but they were too small for my liking (and my cat) so I ended up drawing my own freehand.

In the meantime, Miki hides in one of the other boxes. It's like cats have this obsessive-compulsive need to sit in every single box they see.
Miki on paw to survey the construction of her house
Ended up drawing and cutting the doorway freehand because the Martha Stewart templates were too small
Before wallpapering it and adding the roof and chimney
Side view - I decided on small windows 'cause my cat likes it dark and she loves sticking her paw out
We dressed it up for Christmas because it's Miki's Christmas present
She takes naps in there (yes, on bubblewrap)
Or just sits in there and watches us

Some of the DIY cat houses are really elaborate but these are the houses that really inspired me (they are simple and sooo pretty!):

From - really love the colorful scalloped roof

From theincoherentellipsis - similar in that I also used wallpaper to cover up the cardboard and make it look fancier
Milk carton cat house - love how it's so simple 
Cardboard pyramid - love the shapes and pattern

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